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Welcome to DarkRayne

We are an awesome (the best) faction on pwi, with currently 104 members. We like to hang out, and... oh damn, lack of inspiration >.< . Anyways, my name is DeltaShock, and i ll try to make this site as good as possible. Later, this page will also be used for quick announcements, but more info is further in the site.

Have fun

DeltaShock   (A.K.A "4hit" )

Guild News

Faction icon

DeltaShock, Jul 26, 10 6:27 PM.
New Faction Icon

Did you ever wonder what our faction icon stands for? Yes? Well, actually, it doesnt stand for anything. Thats why our leader Marckos has put a new competition for the making of a new faction icone. Every faction member can participate. The picture should be approved to the PWI icon guidelines (easily checkable on the PWI site), and should be transparant. Send your participation to, and dont forget to clearly tell your ingame name, as the winner of this competition will earn 1 mill!!! If you wanna get rich easily, it is worth a try :P. We await your icones, we count on you, faction.


DeltaShock, Jul 17, 10 10:15 AM.
Lets say you are farming materials, and head on to arco, and cant find anyone who offers a good price. People always sell high, and buy low. Thats why in this guild, i want to launch a revolutionary system, thats fair for everyone. I present you, the "Raid Points System". From now on, if you grind for materials and stuff, you can store it in the faction bank in exchange for Raid Points. These points will be added to your site account. When you then need something yourself, you can use the Raid Points you made by storing, to buy the item you want. What if you say, "i dont want raidpoints, i want friggin money"? That can happen, because sometimes you will need money to upgrade skills. Well then, you can also "sell" your raidpoints, if the guild bank has cash. One Raid Point is 1K, and the Raid Point Cost of all items will be accordingly. Also, if you dont want to grind for your Raid Points, you can also buy them from the guild bank for 1K each. This system will assure the whole faction is treated equally, with same prices for everyone.

Faction Site Registering

DeltaShock, Jul 17, 10 3:14 AM.
17 / 07 / 2010

Finally, our faction site has been launched. One thing i want to tell you all, before you go and leave this site. All faction members should register with their ingame name . It is very hard for me to organise this site if i dont know who is who. Anyone registering with another name then your ingame factionname, shall be deleted. If you register tough, with your ingame name, i will grant you full membership, and you will be able to use all the sites features, like access the Faction Bank, or use the forums (under construction atm).

Thx for reading this

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